2021 VIC Job Posting

Job title:                                              Visitor Information Counsellor

Location:                                             MacEwan School House, Hwy 2 North in Nanton

Number of jobs:                               2

Dates of jobs:                                    June 7 – August 29, 2021 (job 1 full time, 35 hours per week)

and May 22 – September 19, 2021 (job 2 part time, 15 hours per week)

Hourly rate:                                       $16.50

Job Description:

General responsibilities include:

  1. Provide travel information, answer questions about amenities and attractions in the area, and to showcase and promote Nanton as a tourist destination; and
  • To oversee an interactive “photo and video opp” staging area within the VIC (Visitor Information Centre) that captures travelers’ (and residents’) stories.*

*the second responsibility may require some off-site but within Nanton visits to businesses and individuals to capture stories with the following key purposes:

-contribute to Nanton’s move toward digitally capturing the town’s stories, including those traveling to and through it

-leverage the digital “tell us your story” activity and the content being recorded for historical purposes and social media engagement and promotion.

Specific tasks include:

  1. Briefing oneself on Nanton and the area, and be well versed in order to communicate its history, amenities and attractions;
  2. Ensure an appropriate selection and supply of brochures or other promotional and travel information;
  3. Keep the VIC space clean, tidy and presentable;
  4. Track visitor numbers and enquiries;
  5. Oversee digital/tech operations for recording of photo opps and video recording of stories;
  6. Know whom or where to contact to find out information and/or answer questions if required;
  7. Be available to work with Town of Nanton and Chamber of Commerce representatives for potential off-site or mobile tourism activities as required;
  8. Greet anyone coming into the VIC in a friendly, welcoming, and informative manner; and
  9. Any other tasks related to Chamber of Commerce promotions and marketing.

Qualifications and skills required:

Aged 18-30

Excellent verbal and written communications skills;

Interest and ability to work well with others;

Shows initiative;

Interest in promoting Nanton and its businesses and other amenities;

Individuals with a travel or tourism background or experience preferred;

Digital skills including operation of recording equipment for capturing stories and re-posting on social media and archiving for future reference; and

Experience with social media platforms.

Submit cover letter (including DOB) and resume as soon as possible to:


The positions will be posted until filled.

Please indicate in your cover letter which job you are applying for.