Vote Nanton 2021 Candidates

Below are photos and profiles of the candidates running in Nanton’s October 18th election, in alphabetical order starting with the Mayoral candidates. For the sake of transparency and to present what we have been provided with, no editing has occurred. If there is not a photo/bio, nothing has been provided. With thanks to Stephen Tipper and the Nanton News, links are provided to candidate profiles that have been published in the News.

Erik Abildgaard

My profile I have moved to nanton 1980 have been in running community my entire life.53 years started nanton silver stars track club in 1983 boxing club in highriver 1988.coached special Olympics in power lifting and track which athletes earned gold in provincials and Nationals in both sports athletes improved from previous coach.i am a former Rotarian and organized the first Terry Fox run and next three years until Rotarian club wanted to take over.which I eccepted and turned over for there cause.i was treasurer on Mcleod riding NDP party in 1990 and funds stayed on the black no over spending.helprd fund raise as coach I have been involved in fund raising as well.i joined the Conservative party to be involved in leadership process until many fraud outcomes shreaded ballots some members not receiving ballots in the mail conversed with leader elect Andrew sheer through email but he was not interested in investigation where ballots were shreaded to conceal evidence.i was so distraught with the outcome I decided to start a first ever non political party known as we the people non political party of Canada recieved 100 members who have never squabbles but had similar interests on party.posyedva vote on to separate or remain with party goals to reorganize patient vote of removal .the result was believe it or not 100%to stay with party goals.many of the members moved to run as leaders in PPC party.which I had no Quarles and happy to see.i have been organizing other Facebook groups for freedom .people I have been speaking with very concerned with water issue and other concerns.rentle issues in housing and that promises have not been kept and have been asked to run as mayor . I have hesitated many years feel I have to try so put my hat on sept desires for nantonians are freedom to earn a good living and live happy in a good town.what the people want is of my concern not any goal oriented acalaides allready have enough of like to work with constructive council in regards to public interest.give them a voice I have posted opened for debate seems so far no one has been willing to respond as yet.perhaps want to get elected first so I look forward to fist opportunity to discuss what town people’s concerns are.

Nanton News profile
Jennifer Handley

What is my why?

Why continue running for council, especially for the role of Mayor?

Why keep putting myself, my family and those closest to me through what at times can be an incredibly toxic experience.

This question has been a constant in my mind for 8 years, since I was first elected as a Councillor and for the last 4 years in the role of Mayor. The question of course amplifies during election season.

Well my why is this. I have chosen Nanton as my home, I was a Calgary girl born and raised and moved to Nanton on a whim in 2006. I had never lived in a small town before and really had no idea what to expect. In order to meet new people I started to volunteer and Nanton slowly got into my soul. In 2010 I watched the town come together like nothing I had ever seen before, when the THRC roof collapsed and around the same time the town and MD residents raised funds for a local family whose son was injured playing hockey. In 2011 the wind storms caused massive fires out east and again our town came together to help our neighbours. In 2013 the High River Floods drove our neighbours from the North to our town and we opened up our homes and the arena to give those in need a place to rest their heads, during what was likely the worst days of their lives.

The municipal election was just a few months after the flood and I was drawn to the role for a multitude of reasons. One, I felt I had a fresh perspective as a young mom and a young female business owner. Two, I wanted to understand the workings of the town on a higher level. Three, I wanted to be a part of the conversations and solutions. Four, helping people has always been who I am.

Over my 8 years I have had the great fortune to work with incredible people that have had one goal in mind and that is to build our town up. No, we did not always agreed and that’s what made the conversations so great. Yes, we have changed direction when we found out new information, as you should be open to. Yes, we have had plenty of challenges and limited staff and money to fix them immediately. So the solutions need to be creative, collaborative and flexible.

In my second term (now as Mayor) we found great successes through a well developed strategic plan. Not just a plan of wish lists, but an actual plan with dates attached for accomplishing them and subsequently ensured those plans were budgeted to make sure they could actually be accomplished. Our strategic plan was reported on every month so we could track it and ask questions. We expanded our conversations and our perspectives by opening up our committees and adding members of the community to them. Expanding our committees has enabled us to move many initiatives forward quicker because we had more eyes and ears working on the problems that we were faced.

We collaborated with our business owners, our M.D. municipalities and our service groups to improve our assets and ensure we were all working towards the same goals There were opportunities for saving money and staff time through these collaborations. At the same time we fought for black and white policies and bylaws. Ambiguity and grey areas created frustrations to applicants and council.

So back to the question, what keeps me going?

It’s exciting, it’s interesting and it’s the challenge of finding solutions that keeps me going.

Therefore, I plan to continue the work that we have been doing. With the same open mind, passion and persistence I had 8 years ago.

Which includes, but certainly is not limited to:

-Water quality and access to new water.

-In ground infrastructure upgrades to ensure new developments are able to tap into our services, while not impacting the existing users.

-Inter-municipal collaborations and opportunities

-As inflation continues to go up and the province continues to download costs to municipalities, making sure our budgets are as tight as possible and if cuts to services are required making sure the impact to our residents is minimal.

-We all know property taxes are high in communities under 5000, less people paying for major infrastructure. With that said continuing our work on attracting new people and businesses to our town to add to the tax base. Without having to raise the budget or mill rate.

-Continued work on the new medical clinic, with the goal of opening by 2023.

-Continued work every budget season through thoughtful analysis of the budget at the committee levels, council level and through feedback in the community.

-Updating the land use bylaw to the relevant needs of the community today.

Eight years ago I came in with a goal of expanding the way the town communicated. I have always embraced difficult conversations online and in person and responded with the facts. I followed rant and rave pages so I knew what was being said and could take them back to the town to address or add to work that we were already doing.

With that I am choosing to focus on in person conversations for the remainder of the election as I find these conversations the most fruitful and authentic.

I can be reached at 403-874-7328 or by email at

I will participate in the virtual forum and I will be going around town to hear directly from you.

I keep getting told we are supposed to have thick skin to be in these leadership roles. I like to think not having “thick skin” is my leadership style. It has enabled me to hear and feel everything that is being said, sometimes to a fault of my own wellbeing. However, I know by me feeling the needs of our town (even if they make me uncomfortable at times), I am able to take that to effect the change that is needed.

There are amazing people running in this election and we all have a responsibility to ask questions, become informed and to ultimately be kind to those who have taken the leap to run for council. They are after all your friends, neighbours and family.

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Julia Anderson

My husband Andrew and I have lived in Nanton for the past 17 years and we have raised our children here. Emily is now 18 and attending her first year of college and James is 16 and in the 11th grade. While my children were young, I operated a day home (childcare). I have worked at my current local job at Mountain Top Foods for the past 11 years. Over the years I have volunteered for many causes in town. As a volunteer, I have worked in many different groups and have learned to work collectively to complete our goal. I am a hard worker with drive and determination. As a councillor I will be present and open to hear the citizens of Nanton.

I decided to run for council because I am invested in Nanton and its success over the long term. I want to help build on Nanton as a desirable and sustainable community.

My main areas of focus are

  • Municipal planning
  • Economic Development
  • Open Communication
  • Water
  • Fiscal Responsibility and transparency
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Amanda Bustard

As a born and raised Calgarian, if you told me 10 years ago that I would be living in Nanton, Alberta, I wouldn’t have believed you for a minute, but situations change and myself and my partner, David Gale made the best decision of our lives by choosing Nanton as our home.   The people here have been so welcoming and accepting of ourselves and our business, and have allowed us to be a part of the community in a way that we had always dreamed of.  

I would describe myself as a dynamic Professional Administrator, accomplished at attending to the ever-changing needs of executives to small business owners to non-profit organizations to support efficient operations and productivity and produce corporate events. I am proactive at anticipating potential issues, exercising good judgment and discretion, and managing competing priorities to meet expectations for timelines, budgets, and objectives. I have demonstrated organizational skills to direct multiple complex projects simultaneously while paying close attention to the details.  I have strong written and verbal communication skills and am effective in reducing costs, adjusting to increasing responsibilities, and remaining focused and decisive under demanding circumstances.  These skills will help me with making tough decisions. 

You need a representative that will support your ideas, fight for the needs of your community and earn your respect. For someone who truly cares for your community, look no further. My experience with numerous Nanton Service groups has given me insight into the needs of Nanton and how those relationships have been cultivated and expanded. Nanton has created a wonderful, collaborative business community and I want to continue to foster those relationships. 

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Victor Czop

Having moved here in 2008 after spending 15 years in High River, I have gained knowledge about the Town through personnel contact with the citizens through just talking to people and the businesses that I am involved in. My business is located and operates here in Town.

Having followed politics for many years at all sorts of different levels, having worked throughout this Province and having lived in a number Towns I feel I have a pretty good general view. I feel like I was blessed to be educated in business by a number of successful business owners throughout my working career which led me to be a Contracts Manager dealing with some of the biggest energy companies in Calgary. Proper management was and is the key to success, whether it’s a municipality or a company and that’s what I feel I bring to the table of Council.

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Dan McLelland

I am Dan McLelland, a long term resident of almost 30 years in our fair community. Along with my wife, I raised my family in this town, and now we now enjoy watching our grandchild grow in this community.
 I am almost a local boy, growing up southwest of Calgary on a large cow/calf operation. My schooling was in Calgary for High School and at SAIT. I retired from my 30 year career in the Oil and Gas Industry almost 13 years ago and have been the sole proprietor of my own business here in Nanton since. My career constructing and then operating sour and critical sour oil and gas wells, gathering systems and production facilities, provides me with intimate knowledge of facilities and equipment, underground piping systems and the infrastructure that our community has.

I believe in our community and not only its survival but its success. I am also one of the strongest advocates for growth. Our residential growth is tied to the growth of our business community. Therefore, advocating for, supporting, and promoting local businesses, industrial, brick and mortar retail and home based is paramount to our community’s success.

I also strongly believe that a community is not simply made up of houses, a community is made up of the joys of living. A lifestyle. And as has been proven in every other successful community, recreation is paramount to the enjoyment of a community. Therefore, I strongly support and advocate for the continued function of our current recreation facilities, and I even more strongly support and advocate for more recreation facilities. An exciting and enjoyable lifestyle adds value to our community for investment in both commercial and residential growth.

Cutting taxes and increasing spending is an oxymoron. And every municipal political hopeful has pushing cutting taxes while providing more services somewhere in their platform. I see that the way to keep our services that no one wants cut is to grow our community. I am also a strong advocate in intelligent spending. We need to continue to take a proactive approach to maintaining our infrastructure. Simply not spending money on our infrastructure is a short term bandaid that eventually cost considerably more when the infrastructure fails. This proactive approach allows our administration to pursue the best product, the best prices, the best fit for the work, and more importantly outside funding, usually from senior government sources.

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Roger Miller

Roger Miller is a semi-retired avid motorcyclist, fly fisherman and woodworker who resides in Nanton, Alberta.

Throughout his career, Roger gained 25 years of project management, 25 years of consulting engineering, 45 years of building construction and maintenance experience and building performance consulting. Over the course of his career, Roger worked with well known clients such as City of Calgary, Foothills School Division and the Alberta Provincial Government. He has experience working with alternate energy sources (solar) and has been a resident of Alberta for 44 years.

Roger is passionate about continued improvement which is his reason for running for Nanton Town Council this term. He believes in community focused governance and his platform is simple and directed at the regularly communicated concerns from the residents of the community.

As a newcomer, he brings a unique perspective to the table with an in-depth understanding of new resident needs and wants which is especially crucial with the addition of so many residents in the past 18 months. He believes that as a community, we have access to an array of resources and a fantastic opportunity to develop these into a Nanton Newbie resource to create a sense of community for our new residents.

Roger is committed to prioritizing bringing new major businesses to town as a way to expand our tax base. With his previous experience, he possesses the skills needed to communicate effectively with potential businesses to market the appeal our community possesses. Know of a business that is looking to relocate? Roger is the guy who is willing and able to promote the town of Nanton to these businesses and close the deal!

Since relocating to Nanton, Roger has taken note of the struggle that many renters have experienced when looking for a place to live locally. A priority item for Roger is attracting a new multi-housing development to create affordable living options in our community.

Roger is the candidate to give the residents of the town of Nanton a strong voice to find SOLUTIONS to the issues that impact their daily lives.

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Darcy Slettede

I have lived in Nanton for 8 years now, prior to that I lived in Claresholm for most of my life. I live here with my wife Jennifer and our blended family of 4 boys. My main career is as an Automation Tech in the Oil and Gas Industry, and Jenn and I have recently opened a store in downtown Nanton.

I am running for council so I can be part of Nanton’s continuing progress. Sustainable growth both residentially and commercially, and fiscal prudence are my main priorities.

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Ken Sorenson

I worked for the town for several years right after high school then returned in 1992. I have taken a leave of absence in order to run for office and If not elected will be returning to my position as lead hand of public works. My main reason for running is my belief that there is an urgent need for a greater understanding of water and wastewater by council. A water system that will be sustainable well into the future is the best way to protect the investment our citizens have made in our community and that is my highest priority.

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Kevin Todd

Kevin Todd, a proud Nantonite

Nanton is a special place for my family and myself. I truly believe it is a hidden gem in the heart of the province. I have had the privilege to live and work here, my two daughters have had the opportunity to attend small town rural school, I hope to retire here and play copious amount of golf.

 I have a keen interest in the business of the Town. I have been an active member of the community through volunteering with the Nanton Futures Foundation, Nanton Promoters, Nanton Golf Club and serving as a past town councillor. I am seeking office to help lead the town for the next 4 years and beyond.

 I have a personal commitment to represent our community with enthusiasm

 My goals if elected as a member of town council are to:

 • Preserve our Small-Town Atmosphere and our Rural Roots

 • Promote Nanton, as a Place to Live, Work and Play.

 • Ensure Town has good Solid Long-Term Strategic Plans

 • Plan to narrow the Infrastructure Deficit

 • Continue to support the initiatives to revitalize downtown and support the business community – I love seeing people at Mainstreet Market and Farmers Market weekends.

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Terry Wickett

Nanton is a community built on past, present and future “Collaborative Efforts”

The past four years have had many exciting, thought provoking, learning curves, and somewhat tryingtimes on Council and I have learned that “change” happens in increments. 

The transition from a 37 year veteran of the RCMP to Town Councilor was “challenging” at times but very rewarding. 

As, elected officials, we were met with some difficult hurdles and tough decisions…decisions that had to be made despite reduced funding without imposing large tax increases on the citizens of Nanton for the betterment of the Town to preserve its future and legacy. Council decisions are not always met with taxpayer’s approval but we make them in the best interests for the Town based on sustainability and fiscal responsibility.

We have seen substantial growth and opportunity flourish within our Town the last 4 years despite having to navigate through a pandemic. Geographically, Nanton is ideally located and “open for business” and I am excited to see what future opportunities will call Nanton “home”!

I have been a strong and constant advocate for improved policing and by-law enforcement within our community and the concerns surrounding the upcoming Community Peace Officers’ contract negotiations of which I am very passionate about.   I am also committed to continue in the discussions regarding the construction of a “new” Medical Clinic to service Nanton and the surrounding community.  If re-elected, I will continue to be a strong voice on both matters.  These are just a few of several important issues brought before Council that I would like to see through if re-elected as a Town Councilor.

My wife, Donna, and I have lived in Nanton for 27 years and raised our two sons in this community who also reside in Nanton with their families.  We both love Nanton for its “small town” and “friendly” atmosphere and what it has to offer.  

After working 16 years in Nanton we were both very active volunteers and served on several committees.  We always knew that Nanton was “home” and where we wanted to retire.

I am privileged and honored to have been part of a team that had many accomplishments during my tenure.  

I am seeking your support for re-election so I may continue  to be a voice for the citizens of Nanton.

If re-elected as a Town Councilor, I will continue to serve to the best of my ability to ensure that Nanton’svision for economic growth, development and opportunity are met with a soundfinancial future.


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Jennifer Wing

My name is Jennifer Wing, and I am running for a Councillor position with the Town of Nanton. I was born in Nelson, BC where my family and I lived until 1978 when my parents sold their trucking company. We moved to Calgary and lived there for 35 years. I have been a proud resident of Nanton for the past 8 years. I am a fourth generation truck driver, owning my own company and trucks for over 28 years running routes from Vancouver to Montreal. I later went to work with Suncor for several years, hauling crude oil and service equipment within Alberta. I have been “boots on the ground” from the moment I bought my first highway unit, at the young age of 18. I am currently attending school training for CSTP within the trucking industry, and I have taken several courses in legislative training as well.

I moved to Nanton seeking a quieter life within a safe community without the fast-paced city hustle, for both myself and my mother. I have always worked extremely hard my entire life, and have made many sacrifices for my family along the way. As I have a keen interest in legislative regulations, I have been attending the Nanton town council meetings and municipal planning meetings for more than 2 years, watching the process, researching the bylaws, and researching decisions with keen interest. I have witnessed some of the difficult situations that council is faced with, and watching the result after exceedingly difficult decisions were made. Not all decisions I agreed with, but that is democracy at work; we may not always be happy. Council has had their hands full with several issues, including water, roads, and infrastructure. I recently attended the meeting at the town firehall about the ambulance service issues, and this is of huge concern for Nanton and surrounding area. I also would like to bring a stronger voice for the senior residents of our awesome little town, from transportation to medical to accessibility within town.

I strongly believe that I would be a tremendous asset to the Town of Nanton if elected. I bring a fresh set of eyes and ears to ongoing concerns that still need to be resolved, with a background of blue collar roots and common-sense spending.

I will donate my honorarium back into the community to all local non-profit on a rotating basis, if elected. It would be a pleasure to work as a team with such a diverse group of people. Please vote for Jennifer Wing on October 18!

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